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Asia Markets: Chinese inflation data on tap for Asia

Asia Markets: Chinese inflation data on tap for Asia

By Sarah Turner, MarketWatch

SYDNEY (MarketWatch) — Inflation data is due out next week from China and a strong figure will likely prompt expectations of further policy tightening measures.

Wednesday sees the release of inflation figures for April, and economists broadly expect Chinese consumer inflation to show a rise of between 5.1% and 5.2% compared to a year ago, according to a Dow Jones Newswires survey.

Asia Week Ahead: China Data, Toyota Earnings

Chinese inflation data will the focus in Asia next week, with figures due out Wednesday. Companies reporting earnings include Japanese automakers Toyota and Nissan. MarketWatch’s Sarah Turner reports.

That would follow a 5.4% reading for consumer inflation in March, which was well above the official four-year target of 4%. Wholesale prices were up 7.4% in March compared to a year ago.

China has been fighting inflation by raising interest rates and reserve requirement ratios for banks, and a strong figure on Wednesday may well spur more such moves.

China is also slated to release retail sales data and industrial production figures on Wednesday.

Also due out midweek are annual results from Japanese auto maker Toyota Motor Corp.



  Nissan Motor Co.



 is due to release results on Thursday.

Car makers in Japan have been struggling with production issues since a massive earthquake devastated the country in March.

The Bank of Japan will release the minutes from its latest policy meeting on Monday, when it kept rates at ultra-low levels to help support the economy.

And on Tuesday, the Australian government is scheduled to release its budget.

“The Federal treasurer, highlighting the deterioration in the budget position and the government’s commitment to return the budget to surplus in 2012/13, has talked of a ‘tough budget’,” said Westpac economists.

Trade data will be released from Australia and China on Tuesday, while Australia will release unemployment data for April on Thursday.

Other Asia-Pacific economic news is expected to come from South Korea, with the country’s central bank due to announce its latest policy decision Friday.


Volume: 599,036

May 6, 2011 4:05p




Volume: 7.74M

May 6, 2011 3:00p


Volume: 247,583

May 6, 2011 3:51p


Volume: 24.62M

May 6, 2011 3:00p

Sarah Turner is MarketWatch’s bureau chief in Sydney.

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eWorld Companies (PINKSHEETS:EWRC)

What else can we say besides the fact, that we are running around our building doing somersaults and cartwheels?  Imagine that.  EWRC started off with a strong morning, holding good volume and trading well and then at 1:41pm EDT it exploded!  Hot on the tails of a phenemonal buyout offer, investors responded positively and the stock doubled in volume in the period of two hours.Volume broke through the 1 Billion Shares Mark and value was up as muc as 75%.  EWRC has only begun seeing the light of day and speculators are wondering if it will reach the $0.019 mark, seeing as how that is purchase offer price.  Stay tuned for more to come, but definitely keep an eye out on this one.

For More Information on EWRC please visit http://www.eworldcompanies.com/

“eWorld Companies Receives Major Offer for Purchase of All Outstanding Shares
eWorld Companies, Inc. (PINKSHEETS: EWRC) has received an offer for purchase of all of the company’s outstanding shares for 1.9 cents a share. eWorld CEO Henning Morales has forwarded the offer to the company’s attorneys for review and due diligence, and the shareholders will be kept informed as further information becomes available.”


NavStar Technologies, Inc. (NVSR.PK)

NavStar Technologies provides GPS related hardware and services in both the consumer and commercial markets to US and international customers.

The merger of Argo Navigation and NavStar Technologies brings together wireless products with similar business strategies while addressing two different market segments. NavStar delivers affordable hands-free calling voice driven navigation system. Argo provides GPS products and services that track/monitor vehicles and other valuable assets.

The NavStar is positioned to take full advantage of two current market trends.

(1) Location Based Services (the use of GPS to provide services based on an user’s location) market is in the inauguration stage of growth.

(2) GPS products and services are predicted to continue to grow at record velocity as hardware prices lowered and new services are added.

NavStar is advantageously positioned to capture both of these trends.

“NavStar Technologies, Inc. to Pay 10% Stock Dividend

 NavStar Technologies, Inc. (PINKSHEETS: NVSR) announces that the Company’s Board of Directors has authorized a 10% (ten percent) dividend of the Company’s Common Stock for its Stockholders of Record as of Wednesday, September 30, 2009. The Stock Dividend Pay Date to stockholders will be on Wednesday, October 14, 2009.”

NVSR Chart

Kender Energy Inc (KNDR.PK)

Kender Energy Inc. is a development phase company active in the field of solar energy. Its present prototypes of solar panels are being developed into a full-scale solar energy production system. The particularity of the …

Penny Stocks what to do when you are down money

If you are down big from trying to to penny stocks on your own. You may choose to turn this process around, and start by getting tips from online articles, newsletters to find cheap stocks to buy. Here, the source of the information matters the most. The majority of such articles and newsletters have other interests than making you rich. Or they are simply bad analysts with garbage picks; you will find those even on the most reputable websites and TV channels.


Try to identify the real reason behind these recommendations. Find out what is really driving those people. Maybe they are paid promoters of certain penny stocks.


Do your research and try to find independent reviews of these web sites. This way you will be able to choose reliable and unbiased sources. You should look for web sites with a published track record at least a year back. Yes, these records can be manipulated, but they will certainly help you in the decision making. The track record should show consistency both in up and down markets.


A great way to check the trustworthiness of a newsletter’s trading performance is to follow along with its picks for some time. Are they putting all their picks on the track record page and recalculating the results?


penny stocks to watch


Your Own Top 10 Penny Stocks


In the end, you cannot exclusively rely on the opinion of others. The final list of quality penny stocks should always be yours, and you should take full responsibility for the trades you make.


Whether you use a stock screener, or subscribe to a newsletter, or both, you must conduct due diligence and do manual research to finalize your list of penny stocks to invest in. You absolutely have to take each individual company, and review it from head to toe. This is a time consuming work, but you will never become a successful penny stock investor if you fail to do it.…

Description of Penny Stocks

Penny stocks are the shares having per stock value of $5 and lesser. The beginners can’t initiate the investments well with these micro cap stocks till they are sure about them. Some people think that every penny stock goes towards major stock market within a period of time. However, the reality is that out of thousands of pennies, only one or two stock(s) get towards the real major market champion. These stocks are highly volatile and have low liquidity.

Penny stocks are risky

The primary thing to invest in penny stocks is to get your personal brokerage account. Penny stock trading is not as easy as it seems. You will be getting different stocks and pick up the most preferable ones according to your analysis. The people who choose micro cap stocks without applying their mind can probably get worst affects.read more information about penny stocks secrets at http://www.vid3g.com/penny-stock-secrets/

Buying penny stocks is risky and information of the associated companies is not available easily. The reason is that some of the companies are new and the others have not listed any information. It is a risky thing for the people who want to get appropriate investment decision and of course, you will not benefit only by the suggestions of others. Your own wit is mandatory in making the final choice.

You can get information about penny stock companies from different sources. The research on internet and finding out the necessary elements would be beneficial for the stock owners to imply their mind and efforts in the right direction.

Description of Penny Stocks

Take Help of Proficient Broker

Broker is actually the intermediate between the pink sheets or OTCBB and the investors. There is a very small percentage (commission) to be given to the broker for trading the stocks. Your task for searching the information about any particular penny stock can be done with the help of broker suggestions. If you are fortunate and have a good broker, it is quite possible to get towards the right track towards making the right investments. Penny stock trends can be checked out at different sources over the web. Expert views, ideas and management are always helpful for the newbie or the experienced investors.

Information on hot penny stocks can be really helpful in getting the right decision to move on in your investment portfolio. Brokers have enough information and can even tell you the correct timing to buy or sell the stocks. It would be your ultimate goal to make money in the outlay by making sure that the requirements are met in the right way by the broker. The ideas and business plans can be made accordingly.

Find out the right stocks

Stock brokers regularly charge the investors with a commission on every business in their account. Some of the experts also give paid tips to the investors, which need to be purchased from them. They will be always willing to offer you with expert guidance, but whole dependency on them might also lead towards negative impact. The use of your own mind and ideas are necessary to explore and gain from the world of penny stocks. The details of companies are not floated on OTCBB and hence, you need to make your personalized research to find out the most appropriate stocks for purchase. The price …

Penny Stock Secrets

Penny stocks are not undertaken seriously by many people. When you make investment in stocks, there is full diligence and research required for the same. Investments are based on different rumors floated on web or even by the recommendation of experts. Trading requires risk management and thinking about the consideration of portfolio irrespective of the market trends.

Many investors take wrong decisions due to rapidness in selecting the right stocks. The importance of getting knowledge is known once the person makes wrong decision for any particular stock.click here to read more information about penny stocks.

Penny Stock Secrets

5 Penny Stock Secrets, which can help you in making good money by reduced risks, are:

  • Knowledge is the key to purchase right stocks. You need to know about the company in which you are making investment. Your business management can be done in the best way with appropriate information about the stocks. Penny stocks are volatile and knowing the company in which you are investing will help in lowering the risks.
  • Penny stocks require intensive patience for getting ideas for investment. Don’t rush towards any company for making purchase. There are many marketing strategies used by the fraudulent companies to attract the innocent investors in their trap. So, they need to understand these ads and not get befooled by the fake strategies.
  • Penny stocks are volatile and you can’t invest your entire stock portfolio into Pink Sheets or OTCBB. The investment in wrong stocks or too many funds in penny stocks might lead towards crash of funds.
  • Large quantity of stocks should not be purchased as it might lead to bulk losses. When you make trading, there will be need to pay commission to the brokers and the profits you make in nano stocks should be able to cover up with the commissions.
  • There are many investors attaining gain of 100-500% within less time, but ultimately end up with losses. Don’t let your greed rule over your brain and exit when it is the right time to go off.

Should you get into Penny Stocks?

Penny stock investments are highly rewarding for some and on the same time, they are risky and result in losses for majority of investors. Although, the higher percentage is with losers, there are still 5% people who get benefited from these stocks and acquire high ROI with their nano stock investments.

Penny stocks require knowledge and full fledge research on the stocks to get success. Penny stocks are defined differently in the US and the UK. In the US, per stock value of these stocks is less than $5 and the market capitalization of the company is $50-300 million. Similarly, in the UK, the stocks less than 1 pound value are into the category of penny stocks.

Penny stocks are traded on OTCBB or Pink Sheets. It is to be noted that the penny stocks are risky due to many reasons. These don’t follow strict regulations and hence, the audition is required from the investors to move towards the right direction. The financial reports of the companies can be evaluated as a part of investment strategy.

Should you get into Penny Stocks?

Penny stocks have low liquidity levels, which make them volatile. The stocks can be sold in the future with stock manipulation and the risks soar higher towards the sky. There are many ways to make the decent profits from penny stock investments. There should be self analysis made for low and high selling/buying prices. Your personalized research for entry and exit plans will help in getting the highest returns over the investments.

You can check out the tips enlisted by experts along with the broker ideas to get the whole benefits. Penny stock investments are worthy in comparison to many forms of investment and you must make the informed decision to avoid losses. Greed without knowledge can prove out to be dangerous for the investors.…

Trade vs Investment of Penny Stocks

When people think about getting rich with penny stock investments, they think about their investment in penny stock and not day trading. These concepts are different and need to be understood by the investors.

When you are investing in any company, there is a well defined reason behind it. There are different things looked upon by different people, including fundamentals, technology, financial status, management and plenty of other offerings. When you look at trading, you get an idea about what exactly is your choice. There is a certain percentage undertaken for movement and the targets are defined to focus on different companies. Whether you are devoting 15 minutes a day or 4 hours to understand the penny stocks, the actual experience will give you expert suggestions.read penny stock secrets at http://www.vid3g.com/penny-stock-secrets/

Trade vs Investment of Penny Stocks

Penny stocks make you look at things in a different way. You begin looking forward to the upcoming trends. If you think about making good money, you’ll definitely see the position of the respective company after 5 or 10 years. Investment requires decent amount of time and trading can be done in a day or two to balance the losses and gains. Every penny stock can’t do wonders like Microsoft, but surely, the good ones will have the scope to become better.

Penny stocks work well for both traders and investors. It depends on the cases, term and finite time to make the right decision. Your risk is high in both the options and when you begin trading, the calculations automatically move in your mind. It is essential to catch the stock with a good reputation and the positive scope to grow. Lower percentage in returns and too much fluctuation in prices usually lead towards disappointments in the long run and even in short duration. Be wise and don’t let the greed overrule your mind.…

Become a Penny Stocks Trader

Have you thought about your future in investments and stock market?

People have started looking for the new ways of investment and trading for the reason of making good money. Everything has become too expensive and people seek for the help of stocks to trade and make better money out of their efforts. If you are looking for getting higher ROI in short duration, penny stock trading might be a great option for you.

There are many online links available to find out the most amazing penny stocks information. Securing your future with stocks is quite risky, but the people having proficiency in this stream usually get higher ROI within a short interval of time. What else is required? Everything done with information gives positive results and so is the case with penny stocks. Securing your future with penny stocks trading is a reachable goal. Knowledge is the key to these stocks and you need to sum up the information about penny stocks into practical implementation.

Become a Penny Stocks Trader

If you are getting started, it will be good to open a trading account with broker. They give you information regarding the stocks and act as a middleman between the OTCBB or Pink sheet stocks and the investor. Apart from giving the little information, these traders make sure that every activity is undertaken in the right way and there is fair idea about sharing the investment guides.

It is important to find out the right information about the penny stock companies. You have to find the right way to keep your money safe as one wrong move or selection of fraudulent company might lead to losses. There are numerous ways to club up the information and once you are done with your research, start finding the right ways to move ahead for training. Ask questions from experts to clarify doubts and make smart moves for investment in penny stocks.…