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A stock that is moving higher over the course of consecutive trading sessions is in an “uptrend.”

Momentum investors ride the wave of stocks that are at the early stages of an uptrend and poised to SURGE to much higher levels.

This popular bullish indicator is a lucrative strategy that is one of the most common factors traders scan for…and it has uncovered stocks that have hit pay dirt.

Penny Stock Profit Maker focuses on stocks that could be at the early stages of a MASSIVE move to the upside.

But keep in mind that there are other factors that could help investors get involved in these outstanding profit situations as early as possible, maximizing the potential gains.

For example, is the stock trading at a base? Or, is it a newly traded stock with a low float? Keep in mind that the market is all about supply and demand. If you know how many shares are outstanding and what the float is, you can determine what degree of demand for the stock could outweigh the supply and force the stock to SKYROCKET… and bring investors a windfall of profits.

There are countless factors to be considered. Yet, investors have been riding the money train and pocketing many thousands of dollars with the stocks I’ve profiled.

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You’re investing DOLLARS.

And, that means that the number of shares invested is irrelevant. But the amount of dollars it takes to move a stock is not.

In fact, it’s downright crucial to appreciate the fact that it’s the DOLLAR VOLUME of a stock that pushes its share prices higher. And locating those profit opportunities that witness increased money flow could make investors HUGE PROFITS that are in the thousands.

So, if you want to make above average profits within days or weeks as a penny stock profit maker, then you could benefit by pin-pointing stocks with INCREASING MONEY FLOW and GROWING DOLLAR VOLUME.

As an example, think about the fact that it ordinarily takes far less dollar volume investing to move a $0.20 stock to $2.00 compared to the amount of dollar volume injected to move a $20.00 stock to $200.00

Both examples have generated maximum GAINS of 1,000%!

But the second situation typically requires millions of dollars more in investment cash to achieve. And, not only that, it requires many more days…weeks…and months to get there.

And that’s one of Wall Street’s savvy “investment secrets” which demonstrates how savvy investors have made hundreds…thousands…even millions of dollars in the near term by investing in PENNY STOCKS at the early stages of accumulation.

And if furthermore explains how investors who succeed with this strategy could find themselves in solid profit situations!

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