DNAD, NUBL and FTAR are the Stocks to Watch for January 5th from OTCPicks.com

(EMAILWIRE.COM, January 05, 2011 ) DNA DYNAMICS INCORPORATED (OTC: DNAD) “Up 533.80% on Tuesday” DNA Dynamics, Inc. develops DNA-driven technologies and applications. DNA Dynamics, Inc. was formerly known as Multi-Tech Corp. and changed its name in 2006. The company was incorporated in 1981 and is based in San Jose, Costa Rica. NUMOBILE INCORPORATED (OTCBB: NUBL) “Up 116.67% on Tuesday” NuMobile, Inc. operates as an information technology company primarily in the United States. The company provides a range of services, such as voice over IP, network architecting, network implementation, network support, network monitoring, network management, and software as a service primarily to education sector. It also offers cornerstone security policy manager, device portability, mobile security integration, architect design and review, and security auditing solutions to wireless, telecom, hospitality, gaming, and health markets. NuMobile, Inc. markets its products primarily through its sales force, as well as strategic partnerships with value added resellers and distributors. The company was formerly known as Phoenix Interests, Inc. and changed its name to NuMobile, Inc. in July 2009. NuMobile, Inc. was founded in 1999 and is based in Louisville, Kentucky. FOOTSTAR INCORPORATED (OTCBB: FTAR) “Up 87.50% on Tuesday” Footstar, Inc. is in the process of liquidation and dissolution pursuant to the plan approved by the company’s Board of Directors on March 5, 2009. Previously, the company, through its subsidiaries, operated as a retailer of family footwear through licensed footwear departments and wholesale arrangements in the United States. The company was founded in 1996 and is headquartered in Mahwah, New Jersey. About OTCPicks.com OTCPicks.com, one of the leading penny stock Web sites, presents its daily Stocks to Watch and Midday Market Movers every weekday. In addition to all the latest penny stock news, OTCPicks also offers daily newsletters, unique commentaries and free profiles, alerts and investing tips. The stocks presented above are available in OTCPicks.com’s Free Daily Email Newsletter. For daily penny stock alerts go to http://www.otcpicks.com/hotpicks.htm. Disclosure: OTCPicks.com has not been compensated by any of the companies covered in this release.

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DNAD, NUBL and FTAR are the Stocks to Watch for January 5th from OTCPicks.com

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Quality Penny Stocks – Quality Stock Tips from our top analysts!

We strive to at least send you one big stock pick every two weeks, but as everyone knows the market can be unstable and we may some time take a bit longer. We much rather take a bit more time and send you a pick with which we are confident, than rush things and risk sending you a bad one.

No one can guarantee gains, and if they do they are lying. There is always a minimum level of risk, as small as it can be, it is still present. However, our track record speaks for itself. 19 out of our last 20 picks posted gains after we issued an alert to our members. Many of those went on to post over 1000% and even 3000% gains.

This service is not free for everyone. We are only offering free subscription for a VERY limited time. If you decide to sign up at a later date, you may find yourself having to pay for a subscription.

That’s correct, however if you like our newsletter it would be appreciated if you recommend it to your friends and family. Also, try to think of our analysts and all the hard work they do for you. Send them a thank you e-mail when you make money with a stock. Those are simple things, but they are very appreciated.

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Penny stocks to buy

A Word About Penny Stocks

Penny stocks are shares of stock that sell for less than five dollars, generally. Some professionals will advise against buying penny stocks while others will encourage it. Why the discrepancy? Because penny stocks, while inexpensive and a great way for new investors to break into the stock market, can also carry with them a great deal of risk. Yet, it is this very risk that leads to incredible rewards.

Penny stocks are in abundance and there are certainly a great number of fraudulent companies trying to lure investors in and seize their money. That’s why, when you are thinking about investing in penny stocks, you should take your time and make the best decision possible based on information that you receive about each company.

The last thing you should do is invest in penny stocks from tips you read about in your email’s inbox. Spam is rampant and so are the calls for investing in this penny stock or that penny stock. If you think that a deal that comes through your inbox from an unknown source is too good to be true, it usually is. But if you feel that perhaps this email, or however you heard about this penny stock is legitimate and something you’re interested in looking into further, then it’s incumbent upon you to do a little research before throwing your money into it.

Companies that are fraudulent don’t want you to look into their history or their mission or their market plans. They’ll often toss out a lot of misinformation or financial projections that are beyond the realm of probability, yet quite appealing. Use some common sense when looking into these companies before buying penny stocks. This does not, in any way mean that penny stocks are simply not a good investment.

Penny stocks are a great investment and have made many people throughout history a great deal of money. There have been thousands of people throughout the history of the stock market that have made millions of dollars by simply investing in penny stocks, which is precisely why they are so appealing to so many people.

Penny stocks offer a much greater earnings potential than shares of much larger, more established companies with higher share values. Penny stocks can potentially increase their value over the years by ten-fold, hundred-fold, or even more. The major companies don’t offer that same kind of potential; they are safer bets for building looking to boost their accounts a little over time.

Penny stocks are for those who want to make money on the stock market and are willing to do the research needed before investing.

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World stocks, euro drift lower before Fed

World stocks, euro drift lower before Fed

Like this story, share it with millions of investors on M3

Like this story, share it with millions of investors on M3

World stocks, euro drift lower before Fed

World stocks drifted lower on Wednesday and the euro also slipped ahead of the Federal Reserve’s closely-watched policy meeting, with concerns about a possible Greek default weighing on investor sentiment.

Persistent concerns about Greek sovereign debt limited any excitement ahead of the Fed, with Greece and international lenders yet to reach a deal to allow Athens more funds despite some progress.

The Fed is expected to announce at 1815 GMT plans to shift its portfolio in favour of longer-dated bonds and so push long-term interest rates — already near historic lows — even lower in a move known as Operation Twist.

However, it is not clear how effective such new measures would be in significantly bolstering U.S. growth, given that the economy is still slowing down after its $600 billion bond buying programme that ended in June.

“The market expects that the Fed will come up with some new plans to stimulate the economy. Investors will be extremely disappointed if the Fed does not announce a plan to rebalance its portfolio,” said Philippe Gijsels, head of research at BNP Paribas Fortis Global Markets in Brussels.

“But if it does, we might see limited reaction as it is already priced in.”

The MSCI world equity index was down 0.2 %on the day, staying around 4% above its one-year low set earlier in September.

U.S. stock futures were up around 0.2%, pointing to a firmer open on Wall Street later.

European stocks fell 0.5% while emerging stocks lost 0.3% on the day.

London Brent oil was up 0.2% at USD 110.79 a barrel.

Bund futures were down 4 ticks.

The euro zone debt crisis is likely to stay on investors’ minds after Italy’s credit rating downgrade increased strains on European banks who hold a significant share of the region’s sovereign bonds.

The Greek government will make announcements later on Wednesday on the austerity measures it is discussing with its international lenders to save the country from bankruptcy.

The dollar fell as low as 76.10 yen, close to record lows, ahead of Japan’s fiscal half-year end, which encouraged some investors to unwind their U.S. fixed income assets and repatriate gains.

“The risk of QE is a burden to the dollar, while Operation Twist might not be that much of a burden because there will not be an enlargement of the balance sheet,” said Lutz Karpowitz, FX strategist at Commerzbank.

“But I can hardly see this having a positive impact on the dollar either. Rates are already at historic lows, that’s not the reason the U.S. economy isn’t performing. The market might get the impression all these measures do not make much sense.”

The dollar rose 0.2% against a basket of major currencies.

The euro lost 0.2% to USD 1.3670, but stayed above its seven-month low below USD 1.35 set on Sep. 12.

Investors are also awaiting a meeting of finance ministers from the BRIC emerging nations — Brazil, Russia, India and China — in Washington this week after Brazil said it was willing to pump in USD 10 billion through the International Monetary Fund to help Europe.…

Study Finds Large Majority Opt for Reverse Phone Number Lookup Membership For Unlimited Annual Searches

(EMAILWIRE.COM, January 05, 2011 ) New York, NY – In a new exit poll conducted by a leading reverse phone number lookup site it’s been discovered that users are choosing memberships for unlimited look ups throughout the year instead of typical single reports. Leading online phone number reverse lookup site http://www.ReversePhoneBot.com has reported that most people choose the option for an annual unlimited membership to keep their family protected year round and to screen all incoming text messages and phone calls. The highly popular online investigator site at http://www.ReversePhoneBot.com reports that more people prefer their more valuable membership choice as opposed to conducting single reports. Since the average American receives up to 15 anonymous phone calls and/or text messages throughout the year these look up memberships for reverse phone number lookups are highly useful for the average American family. Most people use these services to stop prank calls, see who their spouses are communicating with and to make sure their children aren’t in danger of predators communicating them. The internet has made it so that anyone with a simple web connection can find the name, address and other information on any telephone number whether mobile, land line or even unlisted. Sites like http://www.ReversePhoneBot.com are changing the way everything is done when it comes to home security and privacy. The exit poll conducted by the reverse phone number lookup site shows that many people prefer to have unlimited searches annually so they can screen calls as they come in and make sure their family is entirely safe at all times. The reverse phone number lookup site at http://www.ReversePhoneBot.com allows all users to choose between membership and their less valuable single report options.

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Study Finds Large Majority Opt for Reverse Phone Number Lookup Membership For Unlimited Annual Searches

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US Stocks Trading on Unusual Volume 1/5 (PEIX, XOMA, JCG, FDO) by EquityMarketReport.com

  (EMAILWIRE.COM, January 05, 2011 ) New York, NY – Pacific Ethanol (NCM:PEIX) is trading on unusual volume of 14755533 shares. Pacific Ethanol, is +0.08 – +8.33% from the previous close of $0.96 and traded between $0.99 – 1.14. For a FREE PEIX Technical Analysis, please visit http://www.ino.com/info/196/CD4456/quotes.ino.com%252Fanalysis%252Ftrend%252F%3Fsymb=PEIX XOMA Ltd. (NGM:XOMA) is trading on unusual volume of 13529189 shares. XOMA Ltd. is -0.555 – -7.60% from the previous close of $7.305 and traded between $6.65 – 7.49. For a FREE XOMA Technical Analysis, please visit http://www.ino.com/info/196/CD4456/quotes.ino.com%252Fanalysis%252Ftrend%252F%3Fsymb=XOMA J. Crew Group, In (NYSE:JCG) is trading on unusual volume of 13359286 shares. J. Crew Group, In is +0.77 – +1.79% from the previous close of $43.06 and traded between $43.07 – 46.95. For a FREE JCG Technical Analysis, please visit http://www.ino.com/info/196/CD4456/quotes.ino.com%252Fanalysis%252Ftrend%252F%3Fsymb=JCG Family Dollar Sto (NYSE:FDO) is trading on unusual volume of 9283425 shares. Family Dollar Sto is -4.18 – -8.48% from the previous close of $49.31 and traded between $44.85 – 46.19. For a FREE FDO Technical Analysis, please visit http://www.ino.com/info/196/CD4456/quotes.ino.com%252Fanalysis%252Ftrend%252F%3Fsymb=FDO About EquityMarketReport.com EquityMarketReport.com offers a newsletter covering Value Stock companies traded on the OTC, OTCBB, PINKSHEETS and AMEX stock exchanges. Subscribers to our Stock Picks newsletter will receive up to date time sensitive press releases and profiles on featured companies. EquityMarketReport.com is committed to producing the highest-quality insight and analysis of penny stocks, emerging technology stocks, small cap stocks and helping investors make informed decisions. EquityMarketReport.com does its best to verify, but does not guarantee the topicality, correctness, completeness and quality of information and statements presented on its website and emails. EquityMarketReport.com’s company officers are not registered investment advisors and do not recommend to buy, hold, or sell any securities. EquityMarketReport.com simply provides information and ideas to investors as they gather investment information. The onus is on viewers to complete their own due diligence. EquityMarketReport.com viewers should always make their own financial decisions. To sign up for EquityMarketReport.com free stock news and alerts, please visit www.EquityMarketReport.com Disclaimer: The assembled information disseminated by EquityMarketReport.com is for information purposes only, and is neither a solicitation to buy nor an offer to sell securities. Paramount Equity Research’s company officers are not registered investment advisors and do not recommend to buy, hold, or sell any securities. EquityMarketReport.com does not expect that investors will buy and sell securities based on information assembled and presented in EquityMarketReport.com. PLEASE always do due diligence and consult a financial advisor.

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US Stocks Trading on Unusual Volume 1/5 (PEIX, XOMA, JCG, FDO) by EquityMarketReport.com

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Penny Stock DVD – Penny Stock Trading Help

Searching for Penny Stock DVD or Penny Stock Trading Help? Well we’ve put a list of the best DVDs and books available to penny stock traders. Learn how to avoid fraud stocks and pump & dump schemes that are prevalent in the OTC market.

Stock Market Cycles: How To Use Them for Short and Long Term Profits by Hirsch Run time: 1 hr 2 min. Today’s top expert on stock market cycles presents his short- and long-term market forecasts and how he uses cycles to help time the market

In Stock Market Cycles, Jeff Hirsch, Editor of the venerable Stock Trader’s Almanac, reveals how to interpret stock market history to forecast future movements. He identifies major cycles, including: war and peace; secular bull and bear markets; presidential term cycles; and shorter-term seasonal cycles.

Given the confluence of cycles, Hirsch forecasts that the Dow Jones average will likely drop below 10,000 through late 2014. After a major rally and then another decline, he believes a secular bull market will emerge around 2018, which could drive the market up five-fold by 2025. Several factors will converge to create this stock market boom later in the decade. While this forecast may seem extreme, Hirsch shows that it is consistent with past stock market behavior following World War II and the Vietnam War. Hirsch also discusses shorter term cycles, including the “Best Six Months Strategy,” which has massively outperformed the overall market for many years as well as what to expect each year of the new presidential term.

  • Reveals the hottest sectors to trade in during the next several years
  • Examines how the stock market performs each year of the presidential cycle
  • Discusses which are the best months to be in and the best months to be out of the stock market
  • Traces the likely path of the stock market through 2025

The Hirsch Organization has a long history of accurate forecasts and market-beating returns. In this software course, Jeff Hirsch succinctly summarizes his approach and provides a road map to profiting in the market during the years ahead.

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Personal Finance Daily: Time may be right for investing in rentals

Personal Finance Daily: Time may be right for investing in rentals

By MarketWatch

Don’t miss these top stories:

We’ve all heard the saying, “Buy low, sell high.” And when it comes to residential real estate prices, they are definitely low. But it’s not quite that simple. Amy Hoak explains today in her Home Economics column that with depressed home prices, rising rents and low mortgage rates, this might be the time for some people to invest in rentals — if they’re really cut out to be landlords. She describes what to look for in rental properties and which markets could have the best investment potential.

From rental to dental: Sink your teeth into Kristen Gerencher’s Vital Signs column on the improving outlook for better dental-care options. The dental-care marketplace is turning its attention to individuals as more insurers and discount outfits offer individual plans. That’s a bright spot for retirees and the estimated 10 million Americans who’ve have lost their dental insurance in the past few years as the recession weakened the reach of employer plans.

Anne Stanley
, Managing Editor, Personal Finance

Why investing in rentals could be a good move

As home prices fall and rents rise, some investors are plunking their money in real estate, chasing the cash flow that comes along with becoming a landlord.

Read more: Why investing in rentals could be a good move.

Drilling away at dental costs

Got teeth? If you lack dental insurance or have a skimpy policy, your options for scoring a better dentistry deal are growing.

Read more: Drilling away at dental costs.

Online real-estate ads can fall short

As home buyers cautiously re-enter the market, they’re arming themselves with information found online far more than what existed pre-housing crash. But with this great migration online has come a new set of obstacles, including errors, out-of-date information and properties that are listed on the Web but aren’t actually for sale.

Read more: Online real-estate ads can fall short.


Move over, Uncle Sam; top dividends beat bonds

Thanks to the turmoil on Wall Street, many blue-chip stocks now offer better income that Treasurys, writes Brett Arends.

Read more: Top dividends beat bonds.

M&A pop doesn’t mean market woes over

Deals don’t change the fundamental truths we’ve been hearing for the last two weeks. Hiring has stagnated along with global demand, China and output. At best, it’s a soft patch.

Read more: M&A pop doesn’t mean market woes are over.


Europe economy is as homogenous as U.S.: Trichet

ECB President Jean-Claude Trichet delivers a speech showing that the European economy isn’t as heterogenous as critics say, and in large part is about as homogenous as the United States.

Read more: Europe economy is as homogenous as U.S.: Trichet.

Imprecise data skew economic view: top forecaster

The economy has clearly slowed, but the extent of the downturn is being clouded by the false perception that the slump began in January, says Lou Crandall, the Forecaster of the Month winner.

Read more: Imprecise data skew economic view, says forecaster.

Greece costing ECB its credibility, independence

As nerves and tempers fray, both the German government and the European Central Bank realize that the big loser from the skirmishing over Greek loans will be overall public trust in the European …

Penny Stock Fever Initiates Coverage on WindPower Innovations, Inc. (WPNV)

  (EMAILWIRE.COM, January 01, 2011 ) Minneapolis, MN – Penny Stock Fever announced Friday it has initiated coverage on WindPower Innovations, Inc. (WPNV.PK) Penny Stock Fever, publisher of a free investor newsletter concentrating on stocks trading under five cents, rates WindPower Innovations as a strong buy. What’s more, it is calling it the top green energy stock for 2011. Lets face it, wind is FREE. It’s renewable. And,it’s clean! This makes (WPNV) a steal under .03, as wind turbines are talked about daily in the news, blogs and green energy forums. WindPower Innovations, Inc., through its subsidiaries, remanufactures, repairs, and maintains wind turbines, gear boxes, and blades in the United States. It also refurbishes the entire turbine, including towers, blades, and spare parts, as well as offers system optimization services. The company is based in Queen Creek, Arizona. Investors should continue their research on WPNV at http://www.windpowerinnovationsinc.com. Volume is starting to pick up on WPNV which is always a good sign that investors are starting to take notice. Plus, it closed down on a dip Friday making this a good time for new investors. Add (WPNV) to your watch list and think about adding some shares to your portfolio. Visit us at www.pennystockfever.com and sign up for our FREE email alerts and see why we are becoming known as one of the best stock analysis sites on the web. About: Penny Stock Fever is an investor relations site that provides free e-newsletters and stock alerts from its web site, www.pennystockfever.com. The company covers all sectors of the market from undervalued penny stocks to big-board bottom bouncers. Disclaimer: Penny Stock Fever is not a registered investment advisor. Investors are responsible for doing their own research and obtaining professional investment advice. Penny Stock Fever does not guarantee the accurateness of information in its communications. Investors should read the full disclaimer at www.pennystockfever.com before investing in any stock featured by the site.

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Penny Stock Fever Initiates Coverage on WindPower Innovations, Inc. (WPNV)

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